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  • The FPC section provides pulsed power electronics converters solutions for normal conducting magnets, Radio Frequency (RF) amplifiers, and particles sources.
  • Pulsed currents ranging from tens of Ampère to tens of kilo-Ampère for pulse lengths in the millisecond range are typical current power converters provided by FPC for pulsed magnets in the LHC injector complex and experimental areas. Typical applications are pulsed quadrupole magnets (Linacs and transfer-lines) to slow septum and bumper dipole magnets for beam injection/ejection (example).
  • High voltage DC and pulsed(link is external) power converters are developed in FPC for RF amplifiers (such as klystrons and tetrodes), and for particles sources (e.g. H- source in Linac4). Typical voltage range spans from a few kilo-volts to more than 100 kilo-volts, from DC to pulses in the millisecond range.
  • Engineers and technical staff are widely implicated in power converter designspecifications and contracts follow-up in industry, and operation and maintenance of a wide range of converters under the FPC responsibility. Furthermore, FPC staff participate to the EPC group stand-by service for the LHC injectors complex.   
  • Research & development is also one of the FPC activities which derives from dedicated applications at CERN. A list of publications is available for illustrating the FPC contribution to the power electronics and pulsed power community.


  • Analyses and specifications of requirements in collaboration with magnet and RF CERN colleagues
  • Design of high current pulsed power converters with associated specificities (e.g. semicondctors, magnetic, and capacitive devices stress)
  • Design of high voltage DC and pulsed power converters
  • High Voltage engineering designs, specifications, and tests (e.g. integration issues, HV cables, oil and solid insulators)
  • Design and specification of special magnetic devices such as HV or high current pulse transformers, inductor and high-power / HV / medium-frequency transformers.


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